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Oct 22 | Part III  Return to the Nine Network for a live in-studio, and online screening of “The PowerBroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights.” Participate in a panel discussion featuring “PowerBroker” producer Bonnie Boswell and greater St. Louis region community leaders to develop action items to help address the national high school drop-out crisis. T2S students will also interview and record audience member feedback of the screening and use #AmGradSTL to encourage people to learn more about the American Graduate Initiative.

When leaders communicate with clear direction and passion, they inherit the power to change lives for the better. This series exemplifies everything T2S stands for…empowering education in action!

A Digital Media Experience

nineNetwork of Public Media | Nine Academy

American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen

Literacy In Action

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T2S is partnering with the Nine Network of Public Media on the American Graduate initiative to present a three-part fully inclusive digital media experience developing student communication skills for the purpose of averting an academic crisis.

“American Graduate,” a nation-wide public media effort, is engaging and empowering teachers, parents and students to help those most at risk of dropping out through community collaborations, content creation, and classroom resources. When students understand that school is critical to a successful life and that others care about their overall well-being, they are much more motivated to pursue academic excellence!

T2S contributes to this effort by capturing personal stories of those committed to assisting kids succeed in and outside of the classroom. As part of the NineNet Academy experience, students will:

Jun 06 | Part I  Tour the Nine Network facilities to better understand digital media from: program concept and production, set design, camera placement, lighting, sound, on-air talent, control room, editing and broadcast functions. Develop story concepts: the What, When, How, Where and When...and sign out video cameras to record interesting viewpoints. They will then interview respected persons from diverse walks of life to find out:

o   What makes you love knowing more and expanding your mind?
o   When did you know that school was going to be so important in your life?
o   How do you stay active in school activities; both class and extra-curricular?
o   How do you stay away from negative peer pressure?
o   Where do you experience your greatest academic successes and challenges in high school and/or college?
o   Why should others actively tutor, volunteer and mentor young people about school success?
o   What you do to ensure that kids stay in school?

Jun 13 | Part II  Return to the Nine Network to share interviewing experiences with other students. Learn how to sequence, add music, captions and edit footage from Nine Network digital media experts. Students will take home finished projects and possibly have them posted online at ninenet.org/AmericanGraduate as part of the American Graduate initiative. Please enjoy the following student produced films.