"The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication” / Robert L. “Bob” Finder, Jr.

Courtesy, Bob Finder

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” / Dale Carnegie

Courtesy, T2S

It's All About the Pitch!

Junior Executive Leadership Workshop

Hosted by MorganStanley Wealth Management, Shiloh, IL.

Jr. Executive Benefits

Build confidence while developing these aspects:

SELF MANAGEMENT – Take care of yourself, then you can lead others       
COMMUNICATION – Get your message across no matter the medium and audience
ORGANIZATION – How to arrange tasks, people and resources
DECISION MAKING – More than what to decide, learn how to decide        
GROUP DYNAMICS – Learn about the different members of a group and how to get them to work in harmony       
INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS – How to empower others to make yourself a better leader
VALUE AWARENESS – Know what you believe in before your values are tested


Role Requirements

During the Pilot Phase, three (3) merit based Junior Executives ("JE") must be entering the 8th Grade* during the 2013 / 2014 academic school year with a minimum 3.2 GPA. The minimum must be maintained throughout the entire school year. JEs must have a strong participatory history with T2S and have a current resume of academic and volunteer work.T2S will assist with resume development.


26 Oct



To extend the organizational scope of T2S to our student leaders; molding future decision makers by allowing creativity in developing and implementing community service events with parent guidance and T2S resources.

2013 / 2014



Junior Executives


At the conclusion of the day’s activities, Junior Executives were presented with the following works as permanent additions to their libraries:


Benjamin Jeffrey Kirchoff / Financial Markets
MorganStanley Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager Ben Kirchoff interprets market conditions for individual and institutional clients. Ben demonstrates to Junior Executives how treating money as a tool leads to sound savings and growth habits for the benefit of their future education and life needs.

This exceptionally creative workshop focuses on writing/editing an evolving resume and how to effectively use it to your maximum advantage. Junior Executives will learn how to develop a 30 second evaluator speech and powerful public speaking techniques (projection and confidence) to pitch the deal of a lifetime!


Robert L. “Bob” Finder, Jr. / Professional Communication

If you can't communicate, you can't close! Bob Finder, Wells Fargo Advisors Investment Management Consulting Group Managing Director, shares his communication expertise with Junior Executives in a highly interactive session. Junior Executives will learn how presence, tone, attitude, and body language combine to give an unforgettable meaning to your perfect pitch!

Marcus Merritt / Resume Development
Your resume speaks for you before, and after you leave the room. Make a powerful impression by dynamically aligning your strengths to obtain your objective. Marcus Merritt teaches Junior Executives the secrets of how to broadcast the special value you bring to the decision making table! 

“It’s Not as Bad as you Think” / Brian S. Wesbury

Courtesy, Ben Kirchoff 

~ T2S thanks our Junior Executives, their parents, Marcus Merritt, Bob Finder and especially Ben Kirchoff for his generous support ~

Developed aspects lead to: 

  Perfecting skills needed in order to become successful adults    
  Creating new mentor and peer relationships; connecting JEs t
o enlarging support network and community

  Gaining a better understanding of the community and its diversity
  Developing a more positive stature in the community
  Gaining a better appreciation for adults and the multiple roles they play
  Seeing their own potential as limitless
  Viewing the world, and their ability to affect it, in a positive way
  Feeling confident, needed and useful