Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson

Deputy Associate Administrator for Education

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

From Washington, D.C. NASA comes to 

Amelia V. Carriel & Cardinal Ritter College Prep

The accomplished Dr. Johnson develops and implements NASA's education program's designed to strengthen involvement and public awareness about the agency's scientific goals and missions. In addition, he represents the Agency in partnership with the White House's National Science and Technology Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ("CoSTEM") initiatives.

Tuskegee Airmen Tribute. Film courtesy of the United States Air Force.

STS-129 Launch. Film courtesy of NASAtelevision. 

STS-129 Launch Countdown. Film courtesy of NASAKennedy

Miles Davis "So What" Animated Sheet Music. Film courtesy of dancohen

Jazz St. Louis

Leaders in advancing the uniquely American art of Jazz

Field Trip to Jazz St. Louis

07 Oct

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington composed sophisticated masterpieces. Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn, transformed singing into vocal supremacy. Through rolled metal and sliced reed, John Coltrane orchestrated his sublime Love Supreme. Wes Montgomery, Hazel Scott, Ornette Coleman, Cannonball Adderly and the incredible Miles Davis forever determined the standard of Jazz Excellence. Yet, do you honestly know each pioneer's distinctive work by the end of the first whole note in a measure? T2S partner school students in grades 6 – 12 will attend the multi-media presentation of “Stolen Moments: The First 100 Years of Jazz”. This celebration of the unsurpassed Great American art form makes for a wonderful introduction to the genre, one that parents will be proud to build on!

Mr. Antron Brown

2012 NHRA Top Fuel Champion

Field Trip to Gateway Motorsports Park

27 Sep

#2 Spencer Massey vs. #1 Antron Brown. Film courtesy of PowerJunkie.

Three Hundred and Twenty Five miles per hour...that makes reigning drag racing champion Antron Brown just about the fastest man on Earth! But guts isn't enough when victory is measured faster than a blink. Speed like that only comes with trust, teamwork and insane amounts of study. Antron will tell you that fast drivers are a dime a dozen. The Champion is the driver who's mind, body, team, car and Faith are best prepared to face off against all challengers. We first met Antron on video chat back in January. Now, with seatbelts strapped, we get to meet the Champ live!

Watson: Science behind an Answer. Film courtesy of IBM.

Mark Dean, Ph. D. Film courtesy of Sage Shows



As a Chief Technology Officer and Fellow at IBM, Dr. Dean continues to guide and inspire upcoming scientists. His groundbreaking work needs passed on. It is our responsibility to guarantee that the next great minds have the support  and resources to make the impossible, possible. 

Remember the first time you clicked a mouse, and the little blip on the monitor moved? Well you can thank Dr. Mark Dean. This great American directed the team that made personal computing available for ALL of us. In fact, he owns 20 scientific patents, of which 9 are for the creation of the devices that allow us to make incredible spreadsheets, presentations and literary works...the Personal Computer.

Dr. Mark Dean

IBM Chief Technology Officer and Fellow

Live Video-conference: Carriel & Cardinal Ritter

21 Nov

03 Aug

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

42nd National Convention, St. Louis, MO.

Field Trip to meet American Legends

T2S graciously thanks the Men and Women of the United States Air Force and the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Lewis Lynch Chapter at Scott Air Force Base for their support of student development and education.

As part of the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. 42nd National Convention to be held this year in St. Louis, MO, deserving T2S participating students will meet

members of a Unit that formed some of America's Bravest Heroes. 

The facts of their story should be mandatory learning for every student across the country as the Tuskegee Airmen epitomize character, honor, and self-sacrifice, all at the highest price...in the face of death.

16 Sep

17 Sep

Your dream is to ride the cosmic winds deep into the center of the EZ Aquarii star system. So who knows about the brainpower needed to excel at intergalactic exploration? Your education expert is none other than Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson.  

Dr. Johnson also directed programs built to advance the participation of minorities, women, girls, and persons with disabilities in science and engineering disciplines for over 20 years at the National Science Foundation. How to conquer space should now be clear, talk to Dr. Johnson and the stars are yours!