Mr. Bowman's session rescheduled from February 10th 2014.

Mr. Fletcher N. Smith, III
Revolution Sports, LLC, Principal

Sports Management, Marketing & Consulting |  at Amelia V. Carriel Jr. HS

Chicago native Fletcher N. Smith III knows the business side of athletics and entertainment since he conducts Revolution Sports' contract negotiations with teams for all professional football playing clients, assists with securing endorsement deals, and manages the careers of the firm's football clients.This well-established attorney negotiated Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb’s first contract; making him the highest paid player in Eagles history. In 2002, Smith renegotiated McNabb’s Eagles contract which then became the largest contract in NFL history at $115 million over 12 years, including a record $20.5 million signing bonus. That year, Smith and the football department negotiated over $130 million in free agent and rookie contracts including $43 million in total signing bonus dollars.

All parents should plan to attend this session. Fletcher's rare insight is not only applicable to sports contracts, the art of negotiation applies to every phase of life. With Mr. Smith on your side, no deal is too big to get done!

13 Feb

Mr. Cyrus Chestnut

Jazz Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist and Educator

Jazz at the Bistro, St. Louis, MO.

03 Apr

The Cyrus Chestnut Trio Live at Litchfield: Film courtesy of the Litchfield Performing Arts.

A piano is born when master craftsmen bend wood, string tightly coiled steel, and arrange 88 keys in a manner just so. But until another Master of His Craft sits down to play, the piano is just an interestingly shaped box. Today's Mr. Cyrus Chestnut. Born in Baltimore MD, the young Cyrus was drawn to play and compose. Heavily influenced by a family love of God and gospel, it was ultimately jazz that chose him. But Cyrus makes the music his own by willfully weaving his love of church and the Almighty into his mainstream performances. He believes that musical expression is a Gift, one that needs celebrated every time a note drops. Cyrus Chestnut is in demand by audiences around the world, yet in between decades of touring and recording (Best Jazz Albums), he makes time to educate up and coming jazz musicians and jazz lovers about the staying power of this incredible method of expression. T2S graciously thanks our partners at Jazz STL and the Emerson Jazz in the Schools program for their support of the fine arts.

13 Jan

Mr. Rodgers Allen

Intelligence Officer, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency 

In Depth

After you've seen how rough the streets can be on your family and friends, It's understandable if a person would choose to shut down all spirits of hope and live life in an hour to hour state of apathy and heartlessness. After all, if the life you wish to live is just that, a wish, then why waste the precious energy you have left on an unattainable fantasy?

Well, Mr. Rodgers Allen has every right to be the person just described, however, instead of drowning in dispair and self-pity, Rodgers chose faith, optimism and escape from chaos. Find out how Rodgers avoided becoming another faceless statistic, to instead, be a beacon to his family, a mentor, and an exemplery role model to his friends, and colleagues all while protecting us in the Service of our country!

The accomplishments of Mr. Whitney M. Young changed the look of the American landscape for all of us, forever. There is no such thing as Diversity and Inclusion without his work. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, Whitney Young fought for equal opportunity in corporate boardrooms and at the side of Presidents. Born in Kentucky, to master educators Whitney M. Young, Sr  and  Laura Young, Whitney earned  Bachelor of Science and Graduate degrees before being elected as the Executive Director of the National Urban League...the organization's most influential the age of 40. Now, you are invited to learn more about this complex man and his skilled ability to negotiate a better world for all.

The Powerbroker film trailer courtesy of

The Power Broker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights
A KETC NineNet Community Cinema provided film

10 Mar

Mr. Teron Bowman
Information Technology Manager, Lord & Taylor

An accomplished IT professional, Teron combines stories of his teen years growing up in Mississippi to stress the importance of first building, and then staying true to one’s identity and potential to achieve. Teron’s highly demonstrative session proves that individuality is never to be taken for granted and that knowledge does indeed, pay.

05 May

Spring 2014 / 1:30 - 3:00 PM CT

Cardinal Ritter College Prep HS, St. Louis, MO.

Speaker Series