Desperados, rustlers, bank robbers and swindlers…in the days of the wide open West, the call for riders to bring in outlaws was answered by exceptionally brave and intelligent souls. The successful lawman lived and breathed a combination of cultures, knew dusty terrains, and understood the fugitive mind. Hollywood blew it by glamorizing masked vigilante mentality when the truth is much more fascinating. In the late 1800’s, Bass Reeves was one of the first ever African-American United States Deputy Marshals and the first African-American Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River. Today, the legacy of Bass Reeves lives on in Marshals across the country. Join T2S in welcoming U. S. Marshal Dave Davis as he introduces us to the diverse men and women of today’s Service, and their mission to keep us safe from the desperate. 

 08 May

Mr. David Davis and Partners

United States Deputy Marshal

 24 Apr

The Power Broker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights

A KETC NineNet Community Cinema provided film

All parents should plan to attend this session. Fletcher's rare insight is not only applicable to sports contracts, the art of negotiation applies to every phase of life. With Mr. Smith on your side, no deal is too big to get done!

 13 Feb

Flying over Highland. Film courtesy Raven Flight Foundation.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, James has an incredible leadership track record. He taught Air Force Academy cadets how to fly sailplanes/gliders, won numerous awards in military pilot training (including “Distinguished Graduate” and “Top Gun”), became a F-15C jet fighter pilot, and now serves our country as a Senior Executive Service ("SES") leader in the Department of Defense. This man, is who you want teaching you how to master the skies!

 16 Jan

Mr. James A. Samuel, Jr.
CEO and President

Raven Flight Foundation ("RFF")

Spring 2014 / 3:00 - 4:30 PM CT

Amelia V. Carriel Jr. High, O'Fallon, IL.

Speaker Series


Father's Town Hall

Dynamic Insight into Fatherhood

This is a very special Speaker Series presentation welcomes audiences from Fulton Jr. High School, and O’Fallon Township High School to Carriel. Rather than let television, radio and social media dominate how our kids are supposed to react to ever-changing social dynamics - for example, male aspirations, career advantages, and positioning his family for global success - this session will be a platform for them to hear it from the most important male figure in anyone’s life…a Father. T2S is proud to host men willing to share their collectively unique voices in a creative Father's Town Hall.


Engaging topics:

Why even be a Father?

How has Fatherhood changed you as a Man?

Are you a Father or a Patriarch...what's the difference?

What is strength?

Please be prepared to ask everything you ever wanted to know about how Fathers think about not just providing, but how they decide what matters most to the overall success of their current and future loves, relationships and heirs.

The Powerbroker trailer. Film courtesy of

Mr. Fletcher N. Smith, III
Revolution Sports, LLC, Principal

Sports Management, Marketing & Consulting

Chicago native Fletcher N. Smith III knows the business side of athletics and entertainment since he conducts Revolution Sports' contract negotiations with teams for all professional football playing clients, assists with securing endorsement deals, and manages the careers of the firm's football clients.This well-established attorney negotiated Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb’s first contract; making him the highest paid player in Eagles history. In 2002, Smith renegotiated McNabb’s Eagles contract which then became the largest contract in NFL history at $115 million over 12 years, including a record $20.5 million signing bonus. That year, Smith and the football department negotiated over $130 million in free agent and rookie contracts including$43 million in total signing bonus dollars. 

Why just dream about soaring among the clouds when you can actually do it for yourself? That's RFF's mission. Join CEO and President James Samuel as his foundation trains, educates and mentors the next generation of pilots to fly and lead in aviation!

                                         2014 Flight Experience Schedule


                                     April                         July                        October

We Fly!                 12 Saturday               12 Saturday              12 Sunday                                                                                 

1st Alt Date           19 Saturday               19 Saturday              13 Monday

2nd Alt Date                 N/A                           N/A                      19 Monday

 13 Mar

The accomplishments of Mr. Whitney M. Young changed the look of the American landscape for all of us, forever. There is no such thing as Diversity and Inclusion without his work. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's, Whitney Young fought for equal opportunity in corporate boardrooms and at the side of Presidents. Born in Kentucky, to master educators Whitney M. Young, Sr  and  Laura Young, Whitney earned  Bachelor of Science and Graduate degrees before being elected as the Executive Director of the National Urban League...the organization's most influential the age of 40. Now, you are invited to learn more about this complex man and his skilled ability to negotiate a better world for all.

Film "United States Marshals Service Who We Are" courtesy of the U.S. Marshal Service

United States Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves