Sean Rayner / Ralph Flowers

Private Client Group, Wells Fargo Advisors

Leadership is a quality treated much like respect, meaning that some people think you can just hand it out like candy. Truth is, real leadership is a hard fought for responsibility. Sean Rayner and Ralph Flowers are battle tested leaders supervising top tier financial professionals responsible for creating client wealth. The impact of their decisions span lifetimes and generations. Every young person must understand that leadership and success are inseparable, and it is their duty to manage both.

Antron Brown
National Hot Rod Association Top Fuel Drag Racer

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Antron Brown is the defending 2012 Champion in the Top Fuel category. As the first ever African-American to hold the crown at the sport’s highest level, Antron defies physics by competing at speeds exceeding 325 miles per hour.

30 Jan

Dr. Alex David

Managing Director, Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network

From Wall Street to the White House, Dual Doctorate Alex David is an expert in contractual settlements, forecasting and above else, objective thinking. Dr. David’s experiences in peer pressure make him a wonderful role model and Guide. Dr. David personally knows that sometimes young people make mistakes where the consequences may last a lifetime. The challenge is to not let an error in judgment redefine you, or your future.

Ron Long
Director of Regulatory Affairs, Wells Fargo Advisors

Ron believes that in order to succeed, you must take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, regardless of expected cultural or stereotypical perceptions. His approach stresses creative integration of diverse experiences to your well thought out success plan.

13 Dec

Lieutenant Colonel Brandt House
KC – 135 Pilot, United States Air Force

“…don’t waste precious time, apply yourself and never let anyone tell you no!” Lt. Col. House’s road to admission into the United States Air Force Academy was much harder than it had to be. Fortunately, he was blessed with an extremely supportive Mother. Her willpower opened doors that gave Brandt a singular opportunity to do things right. We learned from Brandt that sometimes the obstacle is you…and what must be done to get out of your own way!

15 Nov

Brian Hamilton
Recruiter, University of Missouri       
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Brian Hamilton takes students beyond the middle grades and high school and into the daily activities of on-campus life at a major university. Pulling no punches, Brian makes it very clear that in college, your success depends on you; strategically setting your coursework, how many hours you devote to study, how to work your way through school, the life of an athlete, networking with professors, staying in touch with your parents, and how to ask for help.

18 Oct

Dr. Debra Hill
National President, ASCD
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In her role as ASCD President, Dr. Debra Hill's leadership has an immeasurable impact on educators representing over 130 countries from around the world. ASCD provides grade school teachers, principals, district superintendents and university professors with industry leading development programs and consultation services designed to ensure the success of their students.

20 Sep

20 Sep

Fall 2012 / 3:00 - 4:30 PM CT

Amelia V. Carriel Jr. High, O'Fallon, IL.

Bill Jolly

Multi Emmy Award winning Musical Composer and Director
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Bill is stewardship personified! A stalwart of the entertainment industry, he sacrificed valuable studio time for a cause more precious than the next stellar performance. In less than a day, Bill flew from Philadelphia to St. Louis and back only to share his personal journey of determination with the students at Carriel. His experiences taught that you must "perfect your craft...and be ready" when your moment arrives. Bill's work ethic took him from struggle to the stars. He now travels the world composing and directing music for stage, television and film.

Speaker Series

After the feature presentation sneak preview, T2S students representing Amelia V. Carriel Jr. High and CRCP answered challenging community service questions in a panel setting moderated by KETC TV 9.

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Event to be rescheduled; canceled due to inclement weather.

*We thank our great friends at the Missouri History Museum for their on-going support and advocacy.

01 May

James Samuel, SES Intelligence Officer

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency                                                                 
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Air Force Academy Graduate, F-15 Fighter Pilot, and now Defender of Our Freedom…all done with ZERO excuses. Once a young person meets the real “Forrest Gump”, everything is achievable. James’ Plan Management vision takes practice, discipline and sacrifice…but as you see, the results are breathtaking!

21 Feb

04 Mar

17 Jan

Dr. Hill's message is to be confident, understand your worth, and do not let anyone tell you no.

Brian’s session is a must for students in grades 6 – 8. The discussion and materials take campus life out of the abstract and into a thought process pre-teens can realistically conceptionalize. His insight is a tool that parents and college bound students use together to ensure life-long academic success.

Spring 2013 / 3:00 - 4:30 PM CT

Teron Bowman
Information Technology Manager, Lord & Taylor

An accomplished IT professional, Teron combines stories of his teen years growing up in Mississippi to stress the importance of first building, and then staying true to one’s identity and potential to achieve. Teron’s highly demonstrative session proves that individuality is never to be taken for granted and that knowledge does indeed, pay.


08 May

He is a grounded family man, exemplary teammate and a model of perseverance. During his session, Antron made it very clear that there is no thing as overnight success. Antron started his career on motorcycles and endured inexperience and failed organizations while staying true to his goals. With racing in his blood, Antron never considered leaving his sport. His combination of will, sacrifice and drive works to keep him sharp, competitive and always looking to build stronger people and communities.

NineNet Community Cinema – “Voices of Our Youth”
T2S Original Film Debut and Panel Discussion                                                                           
Missouri History Museum
* - In Depth
NineNet KETC - 
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”Voices of Our Youth – Insight on Black History” is a T2S movie produced in partnership with The Missouri History Museum. The film features students from Cardinal Ritter College Preparatory High School (“CRCP”) in St. Louis, MO as they discuss the current, and future state of African-American culture from their unique perspectives. Our film screened as part of The Nine Network Community Cinema Series at Missouri History Museum, Lee Auditorium.