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Please make Cashier’s Check, Money Order or your personal check payable to: Ticket 2 Success
Mail to: Ticket 2 Success, P. O. Box 443, O’Fallon IL 62269
Note: A $35 fee is applied to all returned personal checks. Do not send cash.
Connect With Us to receive a Charitable Contribution Receipt…and our sincere Thank You for your generous gift.

We are Literacy and Leadership.

T2S is a coordinated literacy and leadership program through which students engage with successful and dynamic leaders representing civic, corporate and government professions. Students become part of our program because they actively display the potential to achieve life-long success as a result of their educational experience, mentoring interaction and realistic opportunities to transform dreams into reality.

About Us


…before you Connect With Us, please reach out to your favorite school’s Principal. Get to know them and make yourself available for the benefit of your child and his or her classmates, because that’s how we started!

Do you partner with schools, businesses or organizations outside of your local area?

Absolutely…T2S operates without regard to distance, borders or boundaries. Our domestic and international partners effortlessly donate financial and intellectual resources. Please Connect With Us to start communications that make a long distance partnership work.

How do I become a Speaker?

Due to their impact on impressionable young people, Speaker Series Event Presenters are persons of exceptionally high moral, resilient, and perseverant character. They prove to be critical allies as we execute our core Mission. As such, Presenters are referred to T2S through existing partnerships or requested to speak directly by the organization, based on the individual’s proven dedication to Servant Leadership, professional achievement and commitment to Youth Advocacy. 


Mission: T2S builds tomorrow’s leaders.

We are the conduit between our current generation of global leaders and the next. By putting tomorrow’s trailblazers in frank educational experiences with tested visionaries, we build empowered young men and women.

To be considered, please Connect With Us. When requested, be prepared to submit three professional and three personal references along with a current resume.

How do I become a T2S volunteer?

T2S welcomes entrepreneurs and professionals with outstanding management, team building, intercultural development and networking backgrounds for measure able results.

Vision: We see a future led by men and women that get it done!

Outstanding opportunities are everywhere…no limits, no boundaries, no excuses. Whatever you dream, you can build, but that requires wisdom, resources and unshakable confidence in your skills. We see today’s students turning their backs on ignorant stereotypes and hypocrisy, by first understanding themselves, then building successful intercultural bridges. 

How can my school, business or organization partner with T2S?

As a Presenter, you are expected to lead intelligent conversations designed to enhance student “thought” regarding their current learning environment and its impact on future professional options from a global perspective. Presenters must communicate complex academic and intercultural paradigms in an easy to understand manner resulting in positive, long-term, student action.

…and what about that big 2?

If you see the 2 as larger than the T and S, then you’re absolutely right…it is! The number stands for our dedication to Literacy and Leadership. Together, they are the Ticket 2 Success.


Please have one of the following suggested contacts Connect With Us:


Middle or High School           Principal or Dean of Guidance

University                              Director of Student Life

Corporate                              Social Responsibility Director