T2S graciously thanks our partners, the nineNetwork of Public Media, the Raven Flight Foundation, the St. Louis Soaring Association and

Southwestern Illinois College for providing meeting facilities, learning materials and flight resources.

Leadership starts with Community Service:
At T2S, we believe that the highest expression of Leadership is Servant Leadership. When you lift another person’s condition, you also raise your own. In that spirit, T2S cheerfully took on three opportunities to serve Senior Citizens and children all around the world!

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Dr. Mark E. Dean

John Fisher Distinguished Professor

University of Tennessee

College of Engineering

IBM CTO and Fellow

Literacy is:

  • Education in Action 

  • Communicating for Purpose

  • Understanding then Transferring


Empowerment is:

  • Literacy + Leadership

  • Leadership + Authority

  • Authority + Wisdom


Mr. Ralph V. Gilles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

​Head of Global Design

Field Trips…the Classroom in action:
~ The Tuskegee Airmen showed us through their first-hand war and civil rights accounts the true meaning of valor, leadership and dignity.
~ NHRA Champion Antron Brown demonstrated speed, engineering, teamwork and humility. His message, “Be ready when your opportunity comes!”
~ Our visit to Jazz St. Louis unlocked the innovations of African Americans on one of the world’s greatest forms of expression; Jazz Music.    

These experiences taught us that the best way to learn about life…is to get out and go live it!
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Workshops are Literacy come to life:
Knowledge is power…and nothing is more powerful than when successful professionals teach the next generation. Thanks to the tested insight of T2S partners, our student participants and Junior Executives learn critical financial, resume and communication advantages that ready them for competing on the global stage!

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Dr. Darrell Gray, II, Deputy Director

Center for Cancer Health Equity

​The Ohio State University

Harvard Mongan Fund Fellow

Leadership is:

  • Honestly Facing Reality

  • Executing the Plan

  • Serving Your Followers


  • Nothing without Humility
Digital Media Management | T2S students produce stay in school videos in support of the "American Graduate" stay in school initiative.

Mr. Antron Brown

2015 NHRA Top Fuel Champion

2012 NHRA Top Fuel Champion

Mr. James A. Samuel, Jr.

Raven Flight Foundation

Nat. Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

​Chief of Congressional and

​Intergovernmental Affairs

*Tax exempt as a non-profit public charity under Federal Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3)

 State of Illinois Charitable Trust and the Solicitation for Charity Acts registered

Ticket 2 Success
Literacy & Leadership

Speakers embody Empowerment:

~ NASA’s Dr.Roosevelt Johnson opened imaginations with his insight of STEM careers used to explore deep space.

~ Lord and Taylor’s Mr. Teron Bowman taught students that one’s occupation, no later how lofty, in no way determines one’s self-worth. 

~ Dental surgeon and Entreprenuer Dr. Evelyn Samuel used her extensive background to prove that single-minded determination breeds success.

~ U.S.Marshall Dave Davis lead a pulse-pounding session covering law enforcement duties from cyber surveillance to old-fashioned man-hunts! 

~ Wells Fargo Advisors’ Mr. Ralph Flowers used economic tools to show how present day finances grow into future investment grade resources. 

 Events +

 "We, have always been everywhere..."

Ticket 2 Success ("T2S")* is a multi-state, Literacy, Leadership and Empowerment non-profit organization through which students engage successful and dynamic leaders representing civic, corporate and government professions. Vision driven schools and parents partner with us because their students actively display the potential to achieve life-long success as a result of their educational experience, mentoring interaction and realistic opportunities to transform dreams into reality.


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This week's feature: Produced by D. Monahan 
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Aerospace | Brave aviators again took to the skies 3000 feet above Highland, IL.

Workshops | Students putting leadership theories into practice.

T2S sets students on diverse paths to; dive into the deep blue universe of Pacific Ocean ecosystems, set free their inner automotive artist to create dazzling Product Designs, understand the workings of Financial Markets, and build their future selves through The Power of Literacy! T2S graciously thanks our participating education institutions, Financial Advisor, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Aquarium of the Pacific partners for their on-going support of student excellence!